A Marriageable Person

How many ministers, Gospel singers, pastors, choir and sole singers and in general Christians, followers of Jesus Christ have to go through divorce before a single Christian person, who is preparing to get married, stops and asks:

“What went wrong with the marriages of these people? What can I learn from their mistakes? I have to know their reasons because “I am no better than my ancestors, I may end up doing the same thing.”

Who knows! I may convince one person today by saying this again:

Wedding is a one-day thing! Whichever way you slice it, wedding mean absolutely nothing to a marriage.

It is foolishness to invest so much of time, money, effort and energy on a one-day ceremony called a wedding, ignoring the life-time journey called marriage.

Please my friends, invest on your marriage and save your marriage before you find yourself in a marriage. Learn everything you can learn about marriage way before your wedding so you know how to make yourself a marriageable person. ///