We Need Counseling

A4P Guest: Is sexual immorality the only biblical ground for divorce?

A4P: Before I answer your question, let me ask you this: Why are you asking me that question? Is it because you want to get biblical knowledge or is there a personal reason and if so, what is that reason?

A4P Guest: Well, I’m married and have two little ones. My husband and I are not getting along. Argument is something that marks our marriage. We cannot hold a conversation for more than a minute without arguing and fighting.

A4P: I hope you are not arguing and fighting in front of your little ones, are you?

A4P Guest: We do. That is why I said we need counseling.

A4P: Hmm!

A4P Guest: I know my husband needs counseling but I kindly said to him, “Let’s go together.” He said no. He said, “I don’t need any counseling! You are the one who needs it!” So if we don’t agree on anything, do we have to live together? Does the word of God want me to live with the man who doesn’t listen to me, AT ALL?

A4P: Before we go to what the Bible says, why don’t you make yourself the first one to listen?

A4P Guest: What do you mean?

A4P: Am glad you ask. Your husband suggested that you need counseling. So, why don’t you go for counseling by yourself?

A4P Guest: I believe with all my heart that my husband is the one who needs counseling but I’m willing to go with him. If I tell you more about him, you will totally agree with me.

A4P: Maybe not. What if you are the one who needs counseling?

A4P Guest: Are you saying the same thing what my husband is saying?

A4P: l’m afraid so!

A4P Guest: But I’m 100% sure that we both need counseling, not just me.

A4P: I understand. But your husband doesn’t want to seek counseling with you. So you only have one card to play with, that is you.

A4P Guest: That is why I asked you about divorce grounds.

A4P: Why do you jump to divorce? Why don’t you try what you, by yourself, can do for your marriage? I actually don’t advise that you seek marriage counseling with your husband. I think you need to seek counseling for yourself first.

A4P Guest: Here we go again! You too?

A4P: What do you mean?

A4P Guest: My mom and my pastor said the same thing.

A4P: I rest my case! ///