Why Do I Need Google?

For a happy marriage, from the many things that are mentioned by many authors, this stands tall for me:

The husband needs to know that he has to be a psychologist, a therapist, a psychiatrist, a social worker, a pastor, a general internist, a counselor, a geographer who knows direction without any GPS, an analyst of the world as well as local news, an editor and more.
That means, in short, he needs to be
Google to his wife!
Well, the core nature of a woman demands that her husband has all those professional “badges” in place.
No, he doesn’t need to go to school to get them. All he needs to have them all is to give his wife his undivided attention with a compassionate heart that resulted from a selfless love. That is all!
Then his wife dares to say, “I don’t need Google!” ///