I Have To Share This With You

When I overwhelmingly love a book, I cannot keep it to myself. I have to share it with you.

But here is the thing: This book is written for men, not women?.

Why am I, “a woman,” reading it?


But it is a good book to read, and I am recommending this book especially to those of you, young men, who are raising little boys.

Please get this book so you know how to find healing to your soul and know how to raise your little son to be a real man!

For some, “a real man” means the man who goes around and makes women pregnant. That is not a man. That is just a male.

A real man is the one who knows his Creator, his unique nature, his sexuality and his place in a woman’s life. A real man knows his gifts and talents and makes sure that he uses them all to glorify God and help and benefit other human beings.

Anyways, please get this book:

“The Soul Of A Hero” by Stephen Arterburn & David Stoop (both of these men are my favorite authors and speakers)

I got this book from New Life Ministries (Steve is the founder of New Life Ministries and host of the New Life Live! radio program).

I am sure you can find this book from Amazon, thrift books or any book stores. ///