Love Voting!

Monday, June 21 (ሰኞ ሰኔ 14) will be an important day to all Ethiopians who live in Ethiopia.

??☹️? not fair!
I am an Ethiopian but don’t live in Ethiopia and I cannot take part in the voting process.
Please do something for us too!
Dual citizenship should be allowed in Ethiopia. Not fair for us who are Ethiopians but live and have kids in different countries.
I guess, it’s okay for now. While I live here in America, I do not let any voting day just pass me by.
I ALWAYS take part in voting!
I too have a voice! And voting is one of the ways I let my voice being heard.
So, those of you, Ethiopians, who live in Ethiopia, please don’t miss this lucrative opportunity.
Similar opportunity may not come again! And complaining about the election result after the election is over should not be your thing.
Go out on Monday and vote!
Do your part, and leave the rest, the result, to God.
May God bless Ethiopia and all Ethiopians! ///