Happy 125th anniversary of ADWA!

Ethiopia has no Independence Day celebration. She only has a victory day celebration called ADWA!
Isn’t that fascinating!
Wikipedia puts the story this way (just the first paragraph):

“The Battle of Adwa (Amharic: አድዋ; Tigrinya: ዓድዋ; Italian Adua, also spelled Adowa) was the climactic battle of the First Italo-Ethiopian War. The Ethiopian forces defeated the Italian invading force on Sunday 1 March 1896, near the town of Adwa. The decisive victory thwarted the campaign of the Kingdom of Italy to expand its colonial empire in the Horn of Africa. By the end of the 19th century, European powers had carved up almost all of Africa after the Berlin Conference; only Ethiopia, Liberia and the Dervish State[17] still maintained their independence.[18] Adwa became a pre-eminent symbol of pan-Africanism and secured Ethiopian sovereignty until the Second Italo-Ethiopian War forty years later.”
Love the last statement!
Britannical narrates the story this way:
“Battle of Adwa, Adwa also spelled Adowa or Italian Adua, (March 1, 1896), military clash at Adwa, in north-central Ethiopia, between the Ethiopian army of Emperor Menilek II and Italian forces. The Ethiopian army’s victory checked Italy’s attempt to build an empire in Africa. The victory had further significance for being the first crushing defeat of a European power by African forces during the colonial era.”
Thank you to Emperor Menilek II (10 March 1889 – 12 December 1913)and his wife, Empress of the Ethiopian Empire, Taytu Betul (10 May 1889 – 12 December 1913)and to all Ethiopians (from the age of 9 to 90) who went to war and sacrificed their lives for us, Ethiopians, and for all black people.
Happy Adwa to all Ethiopians and to all black people who are proud of ADWA. ///