If the man who is pursing you for marriage loves Christ more than he loves you, don’t let him get away!
And remember this:

His love for Christ is not measured by how many Gospel songs he knows, his activity in a church (preaching, teaching, singing), his social media status post which is always spiritual or by how many Bible verses he memorized; but mainly by his sexual integrity.
If he keeps saying, “People don’t understand the Bible. Sex is a gift to be enjoyed by two people who love one another,” run away from him because he is lusting after you. And lust as you know has a very short shelf-life. It can’t last for a long haul like in a marriage.
If he mentions to you that he is struggling in the area of sex and women, ask him what he does to keep his sexual sanity. If he says, “Nothing,” he may not be a good marriage material. If he says, “I mean, every man struggles and there is nothing new under the sun,” just disappear from him.
If he says something like, “I read and study the word of God and I have small men fellowship where we gather and help one another in this area, praying for one another and sharing openly things that help us to win our battles.”
Let me tell you something!
You may ask, “Where can I find that kind of man?”
Well, the truth is, it is very hard to find him but may not be hard for a woman who has the same moral standard, passion and love for Christ. ///