A Man With An Extraordinary Spirit

The Bible records this about Daniel:

“It pleased Darius to appoint 120 satraps over the kingdom, to be in charge of the whole kingdom, 2 and over them, three commissioners (of whom Daniel was one), so that these satraps would be accountable to them, and that the king would not suffer loss. 3 Then this Daniel began distinguishing himself among the commissioners and satraps because he possessed an extraordinary spirit, and the king intended to appoint him over the entire kingdom.” Daniel 6:1-3 NASB
Please read and study this book, the Book of Daniel, when you get a chance. You will find amazing truths of God!
Daniel was a distinguished man, a man of manner and character. And  the king noticed that and wanted to life Daniel up to the highest power and position. That made Daniel’s enemies upset and mad and they wanted to get rid of Daniel from the face of the earth. 
But one thing his enemy didn’t know was that God, the Sovereign LORD, was with Daniel. Daniel was so intimate with God and the word of God that he had exceptional characters.
Daniel trusted in God alone, for his provision and protection. He trusts in no one else, nor in himself.
Daniel was a man of valor, taking control of his body and spirit in front of danger or discomfort.
Daniel knew, salvation belongs to God alone!
Daniel knew, only God can seal his fate.
Daniel knew, vengeance belongs to God alone.
Daniel’s confidence and boasting was in God alone!
Daniel’s ultimate goal in life is only one:- To declare the name of God, to glorify God and His name.
These and other characters of Daniel made him a candidate to have this extraordinary spirit. ///