Your Questions And My Answers

Question #1:-

“Do you want Ethiopia to be one with Eritrea?”

For those of you who may not have been on Facebook last week, let me give you some background.

A screenshot of a comment that I replied to has been attached to a poster and a letter that has circulated through social media, calling people to boycott Appeal for Purity, and it claims the following:

That I, Missy, am on the Appeal for Purity platforms working hard to make Ethiopia and Eritrea, the two countries, one.

So, to all my Eritrean friends, whom I have loved, respected, and ministered to for many years with a pure and sincere heart;

And especially to those of you who, when you saw this poster, came to me saying things like this email that one person sent to me:

“The screenshot picture didn’t tell us anything except you were celebrating the good news you were sharing on the post; nothing about Eritrea. We have never heard you speak or write about this issue. We want to hear from you first. You ministered to us and to our children in many ways. So we wanted to wait until we hear from you.”

To all of you:

Thank you! Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt. Thank you so much for waiting to hear my thoughts and words on the matter. So, I am addressing this very issue to you today.

Before I say anything though, let me say this:

First, thank you for not being my fans (“ቲቮዞ”). Fans tend to come in waves and then go in waves. You’ve shown me that you are not just some fans, but you are followers of Jesus Christ and you’ve shown that practically. You follow A4P with a purpose and a reason and you will only leave A4P for a factual reason, not because others simply tell you so.

Second, let me say something that I have already said in some of my videos – I am not a politician.

I don’t think I will ever be a politician because I love the Book (the Bible) and I spend all my spare time with the Book or other books which teach me about the Book. This is not to boast, but simply to say I have no time to be a politician!

So, here is my answer to “Do you want Ethiopia to be one with Eritrea?”

And please know that I do not change my stance on issues I address, including this one (God forbid that I do!):

I, Missy, do not want Ethiopia to be one with Eritrea. Never! Never ever again!

And I have two main reasons and I will start with my second reason:

My second reason is that many lives from both these countries were lost in the effort to keep them as one. Now that the fighting has ended with two countries, keeping these two countries as two forever will give honor and respect for those lives that were lost.

My first reason is that in the 21st century, the way to live with our neighboring countries should be like this (not only between two countries but two neighbors):

Live in peace and help one another to grow and prosper together.

In my opinion, the kind of thinking that says “let’s be one or let’s be two,” or “ten or twenty,” is a prescription for poverty and death as we’ve seen it play out in many countries. So let us keep the peace, respect the heroes of the past, and grow to help each other, keeping our countries as they are.

Question #2:

“Why did you delete that particular comment that says something like “God will give us Eritrea back to Ethiopia”?”

I first deleted the uncalled for comment (the one that is in the screenshot from the poster) as soon as I saw it, but it didn’t really help. Hateful comments continued to come. So, we were forced to delete the whole thread of comments so our followers would be able to focus on the message of the post.

Question #3:

“Does that particular comment reflect your belief?”

Not only that comment, but any and all comments on all my posts do NOT reflect my views, beliefs, and opinions. It reflects the the beliefs of the one who commented.

I always share my views, beliefs, and opinions on all the A4P (Appeal for Purity) platforms and I will continue to do that.

Question #4:

“Did you click LIKE on the individual’s comment, since in the screenshot the comment was LIKED?”

No I did not because it is our policy to not “like” anybody’s comment.

If I genuinely like a comment, I may reply, but I will never press the “like” button.

Question #5:

“Why do you support war?”

I support the mission of law enforcement so that those who killed unarmed military men and innocent civilians in MaiKadra will be brought to justice.

Question #6:

“Why do you make A4P a political page?”

I personally don’t think I talk about politics on A4P.

If a post sounds like politics, there is nothing I can do about that.

If I had enough time, I would have studied and read up on politics and became a politician. For now, I only have time to study the Bible and stand for what I deem to be right and biblical.

Question 7:

“Instead of taking a side, why don’t you just pray for both sides, i.e. those who killed innocent people and the Ethiopian Government who is trying to bring those people to justice? A Christian should just pray and stay away from the business of this world.”

My friends, a Christian is not a person who sits aloof from the world.

The Bible calls us, Christians, “the salt of the earth and the light of the world” – Read Matthew 5:13-16

You can’t put the salt in the box to make use of it; or put the lamp under a table and claim to have the benefit of light.

It’s my belief that a middle ground or a neutral place is not at all a place of a Christian.

Can you imagine what the outcome would have been if Esther had taken the neutral position and said, “I will pray hard for both sides, for Haman and the Jewish people?” (Ester 3)

Or, Nehemiah after he heard what happened to his brothers, if he said, “I will pray for you and your enemies. I am a spiritual person. I cannot take side. I will pray so all will come to God? (Nehemiah 1-13)

I’m very glad that they didn’t do that. And I certainly won’t, either. I encourage you to read this for more of my thoughts on this one:

Question #8:

“In the screenshot comment thread, you said you were “enjoying every second of it.” Were you implying that you were enjoying the death of innocent people?”

No! I was enjoying the Breaking News, the news of how the Ethiopian Government accomplished its mission with victory and how innocent civilians were saved from death!

That was what I was enjoying, and I am still enjoying that news to the fullest.

Who enjoys the death of innocent people while trying to stop the death of innocent people? No one!

My point in all of these questions is that I stand for and fight for the Name of Jesus, and nothing more! What the devil wants me to do is to sit silently and watch evil play out in this fallen world.

But in my opinion, sitting in silence in the face of evil is evil itself!

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

If the issue that is going on in Ethiopia, the evil that is being taken down, does not matter to me, nothing will.

What is going on in Ethiopia very much matters to me! ///