I had a bit hectic day today, spending lots of time in a car, driving.

But I made my driving worthwhile listening to Jeremy Camp’s latest album, “The Story’s Not Over.”
Uff! You have no idea how I love this new album. I mean, I love pretty much all Jeremy’s previous albums but this one, I think for me, is the best one ever!
I am sharing with you one of my favorite songs from this album. I am still trying to choose the best one but I don’t think I can. I love them all.
If you haven’t heard this album, let this post remind you to do that.
The song I am sharing with you from this particular album is called “Father.” Here is the first stanza and the chorus:
I cover up the pain that I’m lost in
‘Cause I wanna be enough and it’s exhausting
Trying so hard but really I’m just wearing my heart out
And I find myself right on the verge of a breakdown
Then you hold me in your hands
Remind me who you are and who I am
I was born broken so you can make me whole
I’ll bring my dirt and let you wash over me like water (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
I was born to need you, to wipe the tears I cry
Yes, you made me a child so you could be my father
I’m your child and you’re my father (Oh-oh-oh-oh) 
Please pay attention to each line. It’s an amazing song to help us meditate on the word of God. ///