The Ethiopian National Defense Force

Today was the day that all Ethiopians salute together and show their respect to the Ethiopian National Defense Force at 11:30am in Ethiopian time(አምስት ሰዓት ተኩል). That means at 3:30am here.

I did everything to wake up at that time but didn’t make it??‍♀️.

It is okay. As they say, it is the thought that counts.

While I was looking for an image to commemorate this event, I found countless images but my heart chose this one.

The Ethiopian National Defense Force assures this little child to have a peace and safe country that she can call mine!

Once she finds a safe place to live, she can be what God created her to be.

I salute the Ethiopian National Defense Force!

I salute you all, men and women of the Ethiopian National Defense Force, and give respect to you all in the same way this little child did.

Thank you for your service! Thank you for dying for us so we Ethiopians can live and have our beautiful country! Thank you for standing for our boarders. Thank you for keeping the country at peace. Thank you for losing your sleep so we Ethiopians can sleep!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ??

For those who have lost their lives especially these past two weeks to keep order and peace at the Tirgay Region of Ethiopia, may God comfort your loved ones! May God help your families and friends remember that you have died an honorable death, death for the well-being of all Ethiopians! ///