Such A Timely Training!

Yes, I love to hear such a training being given in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia! Praise the LORD!

This Bible based trauma counseling skill training is given by FIKAT Counseling Service. It is given by trained personnel who themselves took this specific training.
With all the issues going on in the world and in our country, Ethiopia, I don’t know of any appropriate and timely training as this!
I wish I was in Ethiopia. I would have been the first one to register. I am not saying this to motivate you to go but I am serious.
Some people don’t know why their suffering does not stop. They suffer alone because nobody understands them. The thing is those who suffer and have this internal emotional and mental pain inflict pain and suffering in others.
Why do they suffer and make others suffer too?
Because they went through some kind of life trauma and they never dealt with it appropriately. Their wounds and scars are still fresh after many years. Some of them don’t even know how their past unfortunate life circumstances are affecting their present life.
Well, this training will equip anyone who wants to help these people.
So, I encourage you all who have a heart to serve others and live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to register and take this training.
I especially encourage those of you who are ministering in churches. Oh, my! This is one of those “must have” training to be a competent minister of the people of God.
The truth is most people run to the house of God after they went through some kind of trauma in life. So, having this training under your belt make you effective and competent minister of God.
I want to thank FIKAT counseling service for putting this fantastic and timely program together.
May God bless you abundantly! ///
P. S. You can find detail info on the flyer.