You Are What You THiNK

What a beautiful sunny day! Oh, my! I opened the curtains and I started praising God. I am serious, I just love to see this kind of bright sun in the morning.

Anyways, before I say anything else, let me say this:-

Oh, my friends, thank you so much for all your happy anniversary greetings. I read them all. Appreciate each and every one of you for celebrating Appeal for Purity’s 7 year anniversary with me. Thank you for all your Likes, Comments and Shares. May God bless you!

My husband and my kids surprised me with a cake I love on Saturday night to celebrate. Before I cut the cake, I said a few words, how much they each mean to me and how exciting, thrilling and adventurous these seven years had been.

You know, whenever I stand to speak in front of my husband and kids, I feel more blessed than I can begin to express. They each look at my face with care, love and compassion. So holding back my tears, I want to love each one of them back with every word that comes out of my mouth.

In short, I had (we had) a fantastic anniversary celebration. Praise God!

Yesterday, on the Reformation Sunday, oh, my, we’ve heard the most amazing Reformation sermon! Praise God!

The message was mainly on “Sola Fide” (by faith alone).

After listening to such a sermon, I mean, what can you do the whole day except meditate on the truth of God, mainly on the price Jesus Christ paid to make “me” (you) His.

Wow! I am His! And He is mine! Isn’t that amazing?

“My beloved is mine, and I am his” Song 2:16a, praise God!

Oops! I totally forgot what I was planning to write here.

It is okay. At least I remember now.

I want to share with you two wonderful books. I will talk more about these books in the future but for now, I want you guys hear about them (by the way, I talked about the first one probably four or five years ago; and I just finished reading the second one yesterday night):

“Rethink How You THiNK” and “YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK” both by Dr. David Stoop.

Their message is one and the same: Our thoughts create our emotions (sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, stress, just name it, all our emotions).

And your emotion is set by your own Self-Talk, not by the circumstances around you.

If you’ve been on this page for some time, you know what this Self-Talk is all about.

It is something we all do inside our minds. Inside our minds, we talk, don’t we, we talk to ourselves. That is called “Self-Talk.”

The conversation we have inside ourselves is the one that determines which emotion to dominate our lives.

Don’t you already love these books?

I’m telling you!

And since Dr. Stoop is a born again Christian, he shows you how you can practically and biblically take “every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Before you get too excited though, I have to tell you this:

These books are not for those who are looking for a quick fix (people who are looking for that silver bullet to get rid of, for example, their anger, fear, depression, addiction, fear, anxiety or something). No, they are not.

These books are full of exercises and you have to put each one of these exercises to work if you want to see any change in your emotions and behaviors. ///
P. S. I bought these books from Amazon. But you can also Google to see if you can find them somewhere else at a cheaper price, like thriftbook or something. It is always good to check if thriftbook has them because their price is usually much cheaper than Amazon.