Fool Me Once

No one should vote for a person but for policies!

I voted but not for Trump but for the policies he had been working on for the last four years and I voted because I want to see those policies to put to work and be completed in the next four years.
As CNN bewitched us before they are trying to do the same thing. They say, “Forget his policies! Look how ugly the guy is. Hate him and don’t vote for him.”
Twelve years ago, they said, “Forget the policies our man stands for but look at him, how he dances with his wife; just look how he lets other women share his umbrella. He is such a sweet man. Vote for him,” and million Christians voted for him to later sit in shame.
Now they are trying to do the same thing.
Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. ///