“You Are An Adulterer!”

I am not sure how many mirrors you have in your house but in my house, you can find at least one mirror in every room.
Why? I love to look at myself! I don’t think it is sinful for a woman to look at herself in the mirror to take care of herself; to keep herself neat, clean and beautiful especially to her husband, don’t you think so? I think so.

My husband is my number one motivator for me to keep taking care of myself because he compliments me. I mean after all, I’m his bride; I’m his crown (Proverbs 12:4); and I’m his glory (1 Corinthians 11:7). So I better look pretty for him.
And my mirrors usually help me to do just that and earn me, “You look pretty Baby” kind of compliments from my loving and kind husband. You have no idea how I love to hear those words from him! After all, he is the only man I want and need to impress every day!
So I appreciate and adore all my mirrors in my house. BUT, there is this one mirror I don’t like that much.
Well, whenever I look at myself in this particular mirror, I look at myself and think, “When did I get these extra wrinkles? When did I get this dark spot here? For how long this pimple has been sitting here on my forehead? Oh, my! This skirt is too old!” And I lose my smile and feel down.
Why? This mirror shows EVERYTHING on my face and outfits! Just EVERYTHING because it is next to two windows, and both these windows are facing me. So, whatever I look in that mirror is actually the truth about my face and outfits. The outside light that is coming in and reflect on me is so bright that it exposes everything that is trying to hide in the dark and the mirror reflects them all back to me.
“That is what mirrors are for?” You may say.
But I want the mirror to be mindful of my feelings and emotions. But it is not. It just tells me the truth and as you know, the truth hurts!
And here is the thing: After the mirror tells me the truth and hurts me deep, it doesn’t stretch its hands and hug and comfort me. It just sits there and says, “Face it!”
Reading the Word of God is, in part, like that mirror (James 1:22-25). It tells us the truth about ourselves, without hiding anything from us. I mean we can avoid it and move on with our lives, as I sometimes, purposely avoid to look at myself in that particular mirror. We can continue looking at ourselves through those fake mirrors, “Feel-good preachers,” deceiving ourselves and saying to ourselves, “I mean, I’m better than most people.”
But, the Word of God, just like my “not favorite mirror” in my house, shows us the truth plainly to the point of hurting us to the core of our being. When we lust, it says, “You’re an adulterer!” It doesn’t say, “After all you’re a human being! It is okay to lust once in a while. Don’t be hard on yourself!”
Oh, no! It won’t say that!
But the one thing I love about the Word of God is this: It shows us who we really are and breaks us into pieces with the truth but with that same truth, it puts us back together.
“Come, let us return to the LORD. He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds.” Hosea 6:1
Wow! Did you hear that?
Yes! The Word of God has power to help us choose God’s way. David said, “I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You!” (Psalm 119:11).
David found the secret! He gets up and meditates the Word of God until it is imprinted and ingrained on his heart. Why? The WORD itself prevents him from choosing sinful ways.
Do you read the Bible? Do you hide the Word of God in your heart?
Remember, the Word of God keeps us away from sin; or, sin keeps us away from the Word of God.
If we are not reading the Bible at all or as often as we are supposed to (Deuteronomy 8:3), maybe we are harboring sin in our hearts. If we are, let’s confess our sin and come back to the Word again.
Only the Word of God shows us the real truth about us and it is only the Word of God which can help us choose the path of life (Psalm 119:105) because the WORD OF GOD is JESUS CHRIST Himself! (John 1:1, 14; Revelation 19:11-13) Yes, the Word of God shows us the truth, hugs, comforts and leads us to the streams of water. (Psalm 23:1-2) ///