Have You Heard this?

Just few weeks ago, “the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist, voiced support for infanticide,” – means, to put to death “children born alive after an attempted abortion.”
According to Focus on the Family’s article on this issue:

“The measure, which would have guaranteed medical care for children born alive after an attempted abortion, needed 60 votes for passage.
It received 53.
Shockingly, 44 Democrats opposed the legislation.
Nearly half of the United States Senate voted to allow the killing of infant children.”
Can you even comprehend this? I am still in shock, let alone understand it.
Anyways, now Focus on the Family, may God bless this wonderful ministry, that they put together a petition for all of us to sign so that they turn the petition into the White House.
These people are declaring war against little kids and we cannot afford to just sit and watch. Focus on the Family is helping us to fight back. Please let’s all, who live in America and stand for life, sign up this petition.
I already signed up and I am now asking you to sign up so our voices will be heard. Please guys, let’s act together in this. ///