“Evangelical TV Program on Valentine’s Day”

A4P Guest: Hi Missy, did you watch the Evangelical tv program regarding Valentine’s Day?
A4P: Yes.
A4P Guest: What do you think of that?
A4P: What do I think of what?
A4P Guest: About the whole thing.

A4P: Hmm, the whole thing? Try to narrow down your question to something like, “What do you think of this particular point that they raised in the show?”
A4P Guest: Oh, okay. I meant to ask you in their conclusion of what Valentine’s Day is.
A4P: You know, the story of Valentine has many varieties; it comes in different forms and colors. So, I have no problem with any kind of story people might come up with or believe in. I don’t know if I misread your question, am I?
A4P Guest: I guess you did. Okay, let me try to ask you directly: Do you believe that Valentine’s Day is a demonic day to celebrate? And, do you celebrate it?
A4P: Wow! So, that was your question! Okay, I got you now. I think I have been working on this page for the last six years and I so far celebrated six Valentine’s Days, including the one that is to come.
This is the way I see holidays in general in this side of heaven.
If a day is called “a holiday” that keeps my husband and kids home, I definitely celebrate that holiday in my house, enjoying every second of my life with my hubby and kids, which usually includes praying and worshiping God. If a holiday doesn’t keep them home, I don’t remember it at all. Valentine’s Day is not a federal holiday here in the US, so everybody goes to work/school. But in the morning, we have a long held tradition in our home on this day.
But let me say this before I tell you how we celebrate Valentine’s Day: I mean people can give a name to a particular day and declare it a holiday but the truth of the matter is this: Whether a day is called a “Valentine’s Day” or “Vladimir Putin’s Day,” or “Christmas Day,” all days are evil according to the word of God: “So be very careful how you live. Do not live like those who are not wise, but live wisely. Use every chance you have for doing good, because these are evil times.” (Ephesians 5:15-16 NCV) – So, I always strive to use every chance I have in each of these evil days to redeem the evil day and make it bring glory to God in whatever I do and say.
In short, this is the motto of my life and this is what I want to pass on to the next generation:
“ Since you died with Christ and were made free from the ruling spirits of the world, why do you act as if you still belong to this world by following rules like these: “Don’t handle this,” “Don’t taste that,” “Don’t even touch that thing”? These rules refer to earthly things that are gone as soon as they are used. They are only human commands and teachings. They seem to be wise, but they are only part of a human religion. They make people pretend not to be proud and make them punish their bodies, but they do not really control the evil desires of the sinful self.” (Colossians 2:20-23 NCV)
So, I strive to make my life, which includes my message and teaching, to go around knowing and loving Christ and savoring the life and joy that come from knowing and loving Christ.  
So, am I going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?
You beat I will. So, this is how we always celebrate Valentine’s Day in our house: I stay late in my bed in the morning just to give enough time to my hubby and kids to decorate the living room with “I love You” balloons and dark chocolates (my favorite chocolate ever!) and bouquet of freshly cut red flowers. So, I, “like a queen,” get up from my bed slowly and drag my feet and come downstairs. Then I jump up and down like a little girl enjoying everything, especially the chocolate. You have no idea how my kids enjoy seeing this drama (drama of my loving, kind and night-owl husband, my Berhan, getting up early in the morning to surprise his wife with all that!)
And I personally enjoy looking at my kids’ eyes, hear what they say under a sigh: My daughter, “I can’t wait for my husband to surprise me like this! He better be a romantic man like my dad!” My boys, “I can’t wait to make my bride as happy, excited and surprised like my mom!”
Does my husband do these things every day in my house? Nah! Do you know why? Well, honey, first, “I” don’t let them spend that much money on a daily basis on flowers, balloons and chocolate. Second, it is like a death sentence to expect my husband to get up every morning to surprise me, his wife. Remember? He is a “night-owl!” He has no clue about how the sun rises in the morning because he has never seen it. And third, I wouldn’t be that excited if my hubby were to bring me all that every day. Oh, no! I get bored very, very easily. So, I am good with once a year kind of celebration.
So, in the middle of this, do I need to worry about how demons and their followers celebrate the Valentine’s Day or how the story goes?
Are you crazy? No, I don’t. Do I need to worry about how Satan worshipers celebrate holidays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter, how they sacrifice little babies as young as five months old and what they do with virgin little girl – – – as a sign of their devotion to the devil on these holidays? (BTW, I am not talking about the practice in South Africa jungles but here in the US)
You see, I really don’t have time to study their life styles because I know that I don’t demolition their work by putting for me list of “do not touch” or “do not taste” kinds of rules but by letting this mighty God to reveal His Son, Jesus Christ, in and through me, a weak person. When Light comes, darkness will be naked. 
Oh, my friend, time is short. The Bible says, “David had served God’s purpose in his own generation” (Acts 13:36). So, I strive to serve God’s purpose in my own generation. What is that purpose? To life up and glorify His Son, Jesus Christ, in and through me, in everything I do and say.
How do I glorify Jesus in celebrating Valentine’s Day like that? By “marking” the next generation how Christ loved the Church and died for Her; how Christ’s Bride, the Church, rejoices in Him for He rescued and saved her.
One Christ and One Church! One groom and one bride. One man and one woman. This is the whole theme of the Bible. No other theme! ///