I Wish I Could Be in Addis Ababa!

Well, it is okay. May the will of God be done!
But I can invite all of you who are living in Addis Ababa to be there at the event I am sadly going to miss.

Pastor Worku Legesse is my good brother in Christ. He wrote one fantastic book that we all had been waiting for. His book had been released here in DC few months ago and now, his book, “የወንድ ያለህ” will be released in Addis Ababa, this coming Sunday at one church, “ዘፀሐት – ቤተ ክርስቲያን” around “ሳር ቤት.” The book will be realized at 3pm (9 ሰዓት).
Don’t miss this opportunity! I call this book, the book of the year!
When you open this book and start reading, you will immediately think about all the good things that God has been doing throughout Ethiopia and realize that God is actually up to something good! Praise His name!
Yes, God is always looking for “THE MAN!” The question is, what kind of the man?
You will find many biblical answers from this book.
Oh, Pastor Worku, my dear beloved brother, I wish I could be there with you just to witness the work of this Holy God, the God we love, worship and serve! It is okay. I am with you in spirit, so is my Berhan. Many blessings of God be one you! We missed you terribly. As soon as you finish this program, come back to DC. ///
P. S. By the way, this book is not only written to men only but to women too. We women are actually the first ones who need to know the definition of “THE MAN.” One wrong definition of THE MAN is: “A man who “DISVIRGINED” many virgin girls and continued to sleep with multiple women.” That is NOT the man but – – – yeah, read the book and find out. So, don’t miss it.