Wow! This is amazing!

One of my good friends sent me yesterday a short movie (or, I call it “ad”) made by a famous Ethiopian TV show called “Senselet” (“ሰንሰለት”). I have heard that this show is very famous among Ethiopians and Eritreans. I am sorry, I haven’t watched any one of the episodes of this show, but I heard that people love it. 

I am not here to promote the show since I don’t know the content of the show, but I am here to share with you the short video the actors of this show made. It really touched my heart!
It is a movie to encourage all us, Ethiopians, who are in the diaspora to keep our promises to donate $1 a day to help the vision of our new Prime Minister, Dr. Abyi Ahmed Ali, to rebuild our Ethiopia.
My husband and I separately signed up to a monthly donation of $30 few months ago and you have no idea what kind of joy it is giving us whenever our bank sends us the receipt of our monthly donation.
My husband (my Berhan) and I, we both left our beautiful country Ethiopia a long time ago and we’ve never had this kind of beautiful opportunity to do something to our country; I mean, if I call giving $1 a day to our Ethiopia is “something.” It is nothing compare to how much money we spend on a daily basis for things that have absolutely no value but at least it gives us that sense of belongingness.
So, I first encourage you all diasporas to watch this short movie made by actors of “ሰንሰለት” show and then if you haven’t signed up for Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) yet, I encourage you to do that (
God will never put to shame those who trust in Him. And we won’t be the first ones to be put to shame by God. No, we won’t. We trust Him and we work with Him to rebuild our beautiful Ethiopia.
(Nehemiah 2:20) – “The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding,” Ethiopia.  Amen!
And at the end, I, one Ethiopian woman, would like to thank and appreciate the producers and actors of “ሰንሰለት” Show for making this wonderful movie to encourage us all to have part in good works. May God bless you all! ///
P. S. You can find the link to the video in the middle of our Prime Minister’s Twit.