It is Organic!

Whenever I share with you a message I received from someone, I always make few changes/corrections to the message for a number of reasons, to mention a few, to hide the identity of the person, to make the message grammatically and structurally easy to read and understand.

But, “at the request of the person” who sent me this message, I am going to copy and paste the message here as it is. That means, the message is raw (unfiltered), it is organic! I only give English meaning to some of her Amharic words (written in English letters). But first, let me thank this courageous young woman.
Thank you my dear sister for sharing your heart wrenching story with all of us. I pray that young women who are still living in Ethiopia or Eritrea or other African countries read and heed your advice.
Without further ado, here is her message:
“Hey missy may God bless you for your amazing teachings.Today I want to share you my story for you that you can teach to young girls.I am young a girl in early 20’s .My dad used to abuse my mom and I remember the fear when my dad comes from work.He used to beat her and us .Anyways my mom sacrificed a lot for me and my other siblings so we can have a good future.While i was in university i met a man on fb.He is older than me .seems educated and advice me in alot of issues.He lives abroad and he told me i can continue my education and am to smart to live in Ethiopia and promised me to facilitate scholarship.And we continued chating he used to call me directly and we will talk for three hours daily.After ayear He got me scholarship.i was happy .i was blinded by the so called” wuch hager” (“going abroad”).i come here with full future a head me to change my life and my family.He welcomed me and we started living together.things where normal for about a month.after that things started to change he sext with other girls and when i ask him to stop he told me who am i to question him.he continued to abuse me both verbally and physically.i know only God in this place I couldn’t go anywhere.while i was living like this some lady sent mail claiming she had ababy with him and accused him for not supporting the baby . He had to go to court for that.i couldn’t express how I felt that day . I wanted to die …but even death was far from me . He continued his abuse until one day a neighbor called a police .He got arrested.they gave him restraining order but he continued to call me on my phone told me he will kill me because he’s life is already over….Now we are not living together but the pain that he caused will live with me.our society considers every thing a man does is right but very little mistake a girl make is considered as “balege” (“rude”) they judged me because I got him arrested.i guess what they are really saying was i should accept every thing as it is ok.Now am depressed all the time .the depression affected both my work and my study even the relationship that I have with God.i don’t have hope or reason to live. I even thought of suicide many times.this my story.pls missy can you share this for young girls so that bene yibka (“I will be the last person to go through this kind of thing”). Especially for those in Ethiopia from poor families like me.Lastly do you think there is still hope for me?Sorry for my broken English.God bless you!!”
I did reply to her but my reply is not what I wanted to share with you today but her message.
If one young lady receives wisdom from God because of this post (which I believe will happen), I can conclude and shout out, “Mission accomplish!” ///