Wonderful Opportunity!

I am so happy and excited that I am going to Allen, TX for the Valentine’s weekend!

And guess why I got invited????
You guessed it!
To have time with married couples! I am sooooo excited! I love investing in the lives of married couples especially in those who have little kids.
So, those of you who live in or around Allen, TX, please join me and the married couples in the Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Allen, Texas from Friday, Feb 15 to Sunday Feb 17. If you don’t live there but know someone who does, please invite them on my behalf.
There will be another, a whole day marriage seminar, here in the DC area hosted by Appeal for Purity called “Celebrating Marriage,” but that program is a week after the Allen, TX program. So, those of you who live in the DC area, make sure you mark your calendar for this program which is going to be on Saturday, Feb 23, at the Sheraton Silver Spring Hotel from 9am to 5pm. You can register at Eventbrite by searching for “Celebrating Marriage.”
If you don’t live in the DC area but know someone who does, please let them know about this program and invite them on my behalf.
May the name of Jesus Christ be praised for all these wonderful opportunities! ///