Message to Single Parents

You can tell from my face expression in the video that I delivered this message with fear and trembling because I am not a single mom and I don’t know anything about the life of a single parent.

But because of this ministry, I frequently interact and communicate with single parents and children who came from a single parent home.

So, if you are a single parent, for example, a single mom raising your kids by yourself, please don’t involve your children in your marital issue. If your ex-husband hurt you in many different ways, don’t share that with your kids especially when they are little. Your marriage issue shouldn’t be their issue.

It is good to deal your issue with others, preferably with a counselor who can help you deal with your pain and suffering and find healing and restoration. Otherwise, you will bottle up your anger, frustration and hurt and take that out on  your children on a daily basis. Then the only memory your kids would have of their mother will be an angry and loud mother who didn’t have time to show any love or care to her kids; a mother who doesn’t appreciate anybody’s marriage. They learn early on that marriage is not for life and divorce is always the alternative for marriage. But the truth of the matter is that divorce is not the alternative for marriage, but celibacy or singleness for life is.

So, please strive to teach to your children about marriage according to the word of God, not according to your marriage. If you made a mistake that potentially caused the divorce or separation, share with your kids what you could have done differently so they can learn from your mistakes.

And gossiping about your ex to your children will actually hurt them because the person you are gossiping about is their actual biological dad. That affects their psych and as I read somewhere (I forgot where), in later age, these kids who are raised hearing only bad things about their dad actually turn around and resent their mother and they don’t want to have any intimate relationship with their mother. So, be wise and protect the spirit and minds of your children and your family. Hold hands with other single parents and support and pray for one another.

Don’t wait until church leaders take a step and come up with something for single parents. Take the initiative to start something, like a Bible study or fellowship. ///