What a Wonderful Day!

Well, it is the day that the LORD has made and He decided to let me see this day and rejoice in it (Psalm 118:24). Isn’t that a good enough reason for me to rejoice?
Amen! Praise God! Every day is a present from Him!

I am home today after having a wonderful weekend in Columbus, OH at Peniel Ethiopian Evangelical Church and Philadelphia Eritrean Evangelical Church.
I had a meaningful and purposeful time with teens (12 to 16), young adults (17 and older), parents and married couples and the whole congregation of these two sister churches.
Thank you, Pastor Daniel (senior pastor of Peniel) and Pastor Nega (senior pastor of Philadelphia) for inviting me to worship God with you and your congregations. Thank you for opening your doors and your hearts for me and my message. Even if I am still tired, believe me in this: I had the most successful weekend ever! Thank you, to you pastors and to all the leaders and elders of your churches for inviting me.
I also want to thank a young man, Amanuel Shibeshi, one of the youth leaders of Peniel Ethiopian Evangelical church. Thank you so much Aman for organizing a wonderful program for me so that I would have time with the youth from all the area churches. May God bless you my brother!
And I also want to thank all the people of God in both churches for welcoming me and my message with love and joy.
I spent meaningful time with everyone but the highlight of my stay in Columbus is the time I spent with the teenagers. This Ethiopian-American and Eritrean-American kids are just brilliant kids. They love God and they love their families even if they find themselves sandwiched between two completely different cultures which is a tough and challenging place to be.
OH, HOW I LOVED THEIR QUESTIONS IN THE AREA OF SEXUALITY! Powerful and wonderful questions! May God bless you, young people! And I love you all very much!
I am praying for God to give me time to share with you all some of the messages I shared with the people of God in Columbus. I know, I have other videos too that I need to share and I am now praying to have time to sit and edit.
But if I don’t get time to do that, this is the message I shared with them from Friday to Sunday:
A marriage between one man and one woman is a primary foundation upon which God raises a generation in and through parents, a generation who loves and fears God. The church has neither a call nor a responsibility to raise God-fearing children but parents. And God is with us to help us all parents to do just that whether we are married, divorced and widowed.
Yes, singles help to raise a God-fearing generation too as they flee away from sexually immoral lifestyle (1 Corinthians 6:18).
Since it is the will of God to sanctify our lives (1 Thessalonians 4:3), He is always with us to help us all to live a kind of life that glorifies God and His Name! ///