“I Neither Have Time”

A4P Guest: “I have a very serious sexual struggle with porn, masturbation and sleeping with girls. It is just impossible for me to stop these things. I always find it very easy to convince a Christian girl to sleep with me whether she is a virgin or not. I always get up and decide never to do it again but I will find myself going back to it. I ran into your page recently, like a week ago and I decided to ask you one question. What should I do to stop this vicious circle of deciding never to do it and going back to it all over again? I want to straighten up my life before God. But please do me a favor; I don’t need a ten-page answer. I only need a one-line answer. I neither have time nor patience to read your long answers.”

A4P: Hmm. Okay. So, here is my short answer: I so far wrote and posted more than 1,500 short as well as long articles on this page in the area of sexual purity/immorality. So, get busy reading and putting into practice the biblical principles you find in them. ///