Good to be Home!

I had a great time at Nashville Ethiopian Evangelical Church (NEEC).
Before I say anything else though, I would like to thank the leaders of the NEEC for inviting me: Pastor Daniel Adugna, Berhanu, Habetamu, Beni and the other leaders I didn’t get a chance to meet. Thank you so much my brothers for having me at your gatherings. May God bless you all and all your labor in the house of God!

I had a wonderful time with teens, young adults, married couples and the whole congregation.
You know how much I love the next generation! Oh, my! I had an incredible time with the next generation (17 and older). We had some discussion time at the end and we began to discuss about how a young man has to prepare himself to die for his future bride as the Bible says in Ephesians 5. One of the young men raised his hand and asked me, “Can you explain for us how a husband can die for his wife?”
I said, “Sure. Let me give you one simple example. Let’s assume that you, as a single man, love to spend your Saturday sitting on the couch, eating chips and watching football (or, soccer) games. This is your Saturday routine. After you get married, your wife gets up on Saturday morning and says, “Hey, Baby, let’s go to mall and do window shopping.” What would you say to her?”
Guess what this young man said?
He stretched his right arm as if to give me something and he said, “I will give her the money and tell her to go.”
Yes, we all laughed hard!
And I also had a fun time with ‘married couples only’ dinner night. I think I had a wonderful time with all the groups I met! Praise God! 
Again, thank you everyone at NEEC for making my time in Nashville, TN, a fun and memorable one. God bless you all! ///