I “Unliked” Your Page

A4P Guest: I first came across your page a couple months ago and I pressed “Like” before I read anything. I read some of your articles and I hated each one of them. So, I “unliked” the page after I read one of your articles about porn and sexual purity. I was very upset. I took that article personally. It felt like you were watching my life and writing to address that. So I was very mad at you and at all your writings. The funny thing was this: I struggled with myself never to check your page but I got this pull to check it literally every day.

And I have to tell you this. Actually this is the main reason I’m writing this to you. After I “unliked” your page and continued to visit the page every day, one morning I asked myself why I’ve gotten so upset and kept on being offended by your writings. Well, it was not that much a complicated question. My life was (still is) a mess. I have been a Christian for many years now but when it comes to sexuality, I felt like it is something I needed to put on a side, apart from my other areas of life for me to deal with, not God; nor other people. I am not addicted to porn but I tend to visit those porn sites probably once or twice a week. I watch every movie I want to. In short, I live my own version of Christianity, which is not found in the Bible. And I hated any message that tells me what I should or should not do. I feel like I have my own god and that was where it ended. That was how I stopped going to church regularly.

A couple days ago, I got up in the morning and I said to myself, “I’m going to LIKE A4P again. I hated it because it exposed the hidden and darkest area of my life”. To be honest, I still don’t have love for your page yet but at least I know why I reacted the way I did. I hope you won’t take it personally. I know I will soon fall in love with it, lol, totally.

Okay, I’m convicted. My life has to change if I want to continue with Jesus. So, what can I do next, after being convicted?

A4P: Hmm, thank you for your honesty. To tell you the truth, I know exactly how you feel. I was there once, a long time ago. I used to turn off the radio program which used to come in at the same time I get into my car in the afternoon.

Now I’m their regular monthly supporter, financially and prayerfully (newlife.com, check them out; buy all their resources if you are able to).

I love them with every fiber of my being. First, I didn’t like their message as well as their guts.  Why didn’t I like them? I know, that is mind boggling when you really think about it. But you see, sometimes it is easy for us, humans, to hate the message as well as the messenger. That is a natural reaction to protect ourselves. When we feel threatened, we become offensive. When someone said “you will soon destroy your life if you continue like this” to the life we are leading, we first want to fight back before we accept the truth even if we know they are speaking truth into our lives. We fight against their message and try our best to destroy and silence their voice. But if we choose to stick with “the truth” and embrace it, we make peace with ourselves.

So, hey, no offense!

So, back to your question, may the LORD help you to hear what I’m about to say.

First, be honest with yourself which is what you are already doing and that is commendable. This is what I do with myself. I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and say something like, “You are a hypocrite for saying that. Do you know that?” You see, being honest with ourselves helps us to go to God and confess our sins. Then after we receive God’s forgiveness, we forsake our sinful ways and turn in an opposite way so that our confession gives birth to a repentant lifestyle. So be honest with yourself, say something like, “Hey Dude, you are an addict to porn. Do you know that? You are in sexual immorality,” or something better; giving different names to your life. Then after you become honest with yourself, be honest with God. Don’t say to God, “Forgive me of my sin”. NO! Spell it out and tell Him exactly who you are as Jacob was. When God asked Jacob what his name was, Jacob didn’t say, “I’m Isaac’s son and grandson of Abraham”. Instead, he said to God, “I’m Jacob”; which means “supplanter,” a cheater, a deceiver. And God healed him and changed his name to Israel (means – he who prevails, triumphs with God) (Genesis 32).

Then the last step which is very difficult one for almost all of us is to be honest with the people around you. I know it is difficult. But guess what, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just be honest with the people around you. Tell them your struggles, how you began your journey. And tell them how you ran into A4P. Guess what? You may be telling your story to someone who might be in the middle of a heated war against sexual immorality and they may find some encouragement and hope to run back to their Shepherd. Transparency gives you freedom as well as people who can join your team to fight against immorality. (James 5:16)

Then you will be a “HOT” vessel for the Spirit of God.

Yes, once you become honest with the people around you, you will be an amazing instrument of God to help others come out of darkness to see the light. May the LORD help you!

And hey, thank you for liking my page. I hope you won’t unlike it again but I won’t promise not to upset you again. Even if I try my best, I once in a while may continue successfully upsetting you. Guess what? I sometimes find myself being upset with the message God is pouring into my heart too because it convicts me of my sin. But I make it my daily choice to flow with His Word. I know I sometimes blow it too but I find my way back because of His mercy and the people in my life. So, Beloved, stay with A4P and be transformed and sanctified by each one of them for the glory of God.

May God bless you! ///