Men Are Our Bodyguards!

You know, throughout history, in any nation, at one point or the other, women have been victims of a society. Sadly enough, even today, in 2018, women are dominated and seen like a second citizen in most “men dominated” third world countries.
In Ethiopia, things are getting better, not a lot but in a small way and I am thankful for that.

However, I personally have a problem whenever I hear men say something like, “We need to give women some initiatives so they can get involved in the work force, in all sectors of the society.”
This statement  sounds to me like this: “This group of handicapped sub-sector of our society needs our attention. Even if they don’t contribute much to the development of our society in the past or in the present, let’s flatter them so they feel like they are contributing something.”
Unnerving for me!
I know that men and women are created equally but differently. We both are created by God to fulfill a specific and different call. Women get pregnant, men cannot. They just make a woman pregnant.  We women breastfeed our babies, men cannot. This is just scratching the surface of our natural, basic biological differences, without touching on our mental and emotional different wirings and more.  
Men are our bodyguards, they protect us, they are our providers so we can safely get pregnant, have our kids and raise them to be good citizens.
That means, the first thing that needs to be done to make a remarkable change in a society is not to motivate men to give “crutches” to women so women limp their way through a society, but to call men to be men, protectors, providers and saviors of a society.  Until men learn how to be men, they cannot motivate us, women, to be women and play our important role of raising the next generation in a society. When men learn to be men, they know that we women are not objects who are here to give them sexual satisfaction and give birth to babies, feed our family regardless of our means and make everything nice for them to live happily ever after. Men first need to learn how to be a brother, a faithful husband of one woman and a responsible father who makes a woman pregnant and takes full responsibility for the well-being of the child until he/she turns 18.
Sure, we women love to be pampered but not flattered by men who don’t even know their call. When they know their call and take responsibility, they will automatically see us, women, the most important “part of them”, not like a blind and deaf segment of a society that needs their sympathy. (Ephesians 5:28)
Yeah, when God couldn’t find Adam and Eve in the Eden Garden at their “God-ordained” places, God didn’t say, “Adam and Eve, where are you guys?” No, He didn’t say that. Rather, God said, “Adam, where are you?” (Genesis 3)
Yeah, men are leaders, men are the number one responsible party of a society. So, call the men to be real men first and we women know very well how to respect and honor those kinds of men and submit to their leadership.
When men know how to be real men, they know how to open “the door” for a woman with their strong arm so the woman doesn’t need to struggle to open it herself with her delicate arm. ///