“Help Me Be A Perfect Suitable Helper…”

Thank You, LORD, for giving me another day to come to You in prayer. May Your Name be blessed forever!

I have received many good and perfect gifts from You, LORD.

Above all the gifts, LORD Jesus, You gave me Your Son, Jesus Christ, to die for me on the Cross so I might live for You. Jesus, You became sin for me so I might be God’s righteousness. Thank You, Lord Jesus!

I also thank You for giving me a husband, with whom I am becoming one. I don’t deserve to have him as a husband but You said so. Thank You!

Father, You are the One who made my husband. You are the One who fashioned him. You gave him “me” as a wife so that I will be his “suitable helper” but sometimes I don’t know how I can be of any help for him. I sometimes find myself being taken by my own emotional ups and downs. The pressure of life sometimes tends to draw me away from my godly role of being a suitable helper to my husband.

Abba Father, please, forgive me for not finding me at the place You expected me to be. Forgive me for not submitting to my husband the way You want me. Forgive me for not respecting him.

Please, help me be a perfect suitable helper to him in the way You want me. Help me find those areas of his life which I need to help him with. Save me from my own understanding of him. Reveal to me every day my role as a wife so I might glorify Your Name in my own marriage and home.

LORD Jesus, I sometimes find it hard to love myself. I sometimes struggle to accept who I am, especially when I find myself doing things which are evil. I know, I’m better today than yesterday because of Your grace, mercy and blessing; but I always wonder, if I struggle to love myself, how much more it would be tough for my husband to love me and lay his life down for me, not once, not twice but EVERY DAY.

So, please LORD, pour out Your love on him so he can love me. Help him to love me so that we may not lose Your blessings and grace for our lives and marriage.

Please LORD, give me beauty which radiates before my husband and glory which draws his attention. Please make my body brand new before his eyes so that he will only be sexually drawn to me.

Let Your blessings rest on him. Give him glory and honor before You, every man, me and our kids. Give him success in everything he does.

Help him find himself in You, LORD. Protect him from the arrows of the evil one.

Abba Father, You know very well that his sexuality is his weakest nature and the devil is trying to bring him down in that weak side.

Looking around, it seems like the devil is busy to pull him down with all his strength. He put his traps at a very strategic place; around my husband’s path. Let not his enemy triumph over him.

Oh, Father, please help my husband bounce his eyes away from another woman so that he may not lust after her. Help him win over all sexual temptations. Help him find his ways far from “the adulteress”.

Oh, LORD, I pray for him. I stand at his weakest side and cover him with the Blood of Jesus. Please save him from the fiery arrows of the devil.

Above all, LORD, give my husband wisdom and knowledge for him to know how to love and live with me. Please give him patient to teach me and our kids Your ways. Give him glory and honor before me and our kids so that we listen to him and follow him when he leads us.

Abba, help me submit to his leadership. Help me respect him in the way he needs to be respected and feared by me so that the blessing which comes from submission will be passed on to our kids, grand-kids and the rest.

Thank You, LORD, for listening to all my prayers and I believe that You already answered them all.

Oh, thank You, LORD for making me a wife of this man I adore. I pray this in the Name of Jesus, Amen. ///

P. S. Is this the prayer of a wife with a perfect husband and a perfect marriage? Not even close! Rather, this is the prayer of a wife who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.