More Copies Are Coming Up!

This is the cover page of my book, Beyond the Fairy Tale, in Tigrigna language. 

Today is the second day of the conference here in Kampala, Uganda at Shalom Life Stream Church.

We had a wonderful time yesterday, praise God! Today and tomorrow, the program will be for singles only. It starts today at 5pm.

Yesterday the copy of my book in Tigrigna was sold out before everybody got their copy. Don’t worry! We will have enough copy today.

We quickly ran out yesterday because almost everybody bought more than five copies. It was just thrilling for me to see that! This is what “working together to save the next generation” means! Appreciate you all very much! Yes, spread the truth of God to everyone!

We already put order for more copies and will be ready within three days. Isn’t that fantastic or what! Yes, I’m already in love with Kampala! Praise God! ///