Just Embrace Yourself!

If you are a girl, let me tell you something: You will have a crush on this guy!

So, before you click the link, just embrace yourself and say a quick prayer: “Lord, guard my heart.”

Putting this sensitive and tenderhearted young and handsome man’s look and kind gestures aside, the message I want you to take away from this video is this:


It is us who have to be convinced of this fact, not the people who look at us and give us their opinions.

Our real beauty is not found on our face or body but it lives inside us.

If you want to prove this fact, just watch this video.

Isn’t she stunningly beautiful!

I’m just speechless! And the young man who is staring at her found that authentic and true beauty radiating at his face.

How many times have I sat down in front of a mirror and told God where on my face or body He made a mistake when He fashioned me! May God forgive me!

And I’m sure, I am not the only one in this. Most of us, women, are guilty of that because our concept of beauty is warped by what we watch and hear.

But the truth of the matter is this: “Beauty is not seen but found.” The beauty that can be seen on our face lasts for few months or years but the beauty that is found in us lasts  a lifetime. ///