Oh, God Forbid!


I said to the American gospel, “No, but no, thank you” a long time ago.

But I lived in it for a while before I found the true Gospel of Christ and had that “born-again” experience all over again. Since then, it’s been the most interesting, meaningful and fulfilling journey ever!

But I still remember the years I wasted in this wasted, man-created gospel of “You need to be a millionaire, healthy and wealthy to make Jesus famous.”

Aha! How deceiving!

What is even “sadder” for me today is the fact that millions and billions are following this gospel as we speak.

In America, well, this man-crafted gospel made many churches totally empty and the new generation godless.

Is this same gospel going to do the same thing in Africa too since it is taking over the whole continent?

Oh, God forbid! ///