When the Bible says to husbands to love their wives and to wives, to submit to their husbands, it’s not just giving them a command to obey but also the only way to follow so their houses stay standing. (Ephesians 5:22-30, Matthew 7:24-27)
A married man is one with his wife. (Genesis 2:24)

This is not hypothetical way of putting the truth of God but it is what it is. The man is the head of his wife and his wife is his body.
What do you see from that? One person, one body that has a head and the rest of the body.
The only way this God-made “person” can live is if the head stays attached to the body or the body attached to the head.
And the only way this unique “person” can stay as one person is if the husband loves his wife and his wife submits to him. Husband’s love to his wife is “the glue” that keeps the body attached to the head. In the same way, the wife’s submission to her husband is the glue that keeps the head attached to the body.
Otherwise, they will be two, not one and this multiplication from one person to two people is a sign of “a divided house” which is not going stay standing.
If the house seems standing (the people continue celebrating their wedding anniversaries), the two people are not living according to the will of God, that means, they are better of being called as “roommates” than married people.
Only the Holy Spirit can bring these two “roommates” back to one again.
But the-million-dollar question is this: Are these two people willing to be one again? ///