I Reluctantly Asked

On my way back from St. Louis, Missouri, I took the airport shuttle from the airport to come home. The driver was very upset with his boss for ordering him to take me. I know, he had no personal issue with me but with his boss who didn’t seem to listen to him, as he told me. He was supposed to be off at that time but I arrived when he was about to leave and his boss ordered him to take the last passenger home.


So I tried to calm him down by agreeing with him that it was annoying to deal with people who didn’t seem to care for others.

Then we began driving peacefully. After five minutes or so, I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit. I pretended as if I didn’t hear a thing.

Two minutes passed. Then I said to God, “Father, let me be honest with You. I am coming back from a long weekend, telling others about You and Your truth. I’m totally exhausted to say the least. I am sure You find another person to tell to this person about Christ, not me. After all, I’m very tired and I have no energy to go back and forth with this angry man.”

If you have experience with arguing with the Holy Spirit, you should know the rest of the story.

Within a minute or so, I reluctantly asked the driver: “Where are you from?”

“From Cameron,” he replied.

“Oh! If I’m not mistaken, most Cameroonians are Christians, am I right?” hoping that he would hold the conversation.

He seemed excited that I knew something about Cameron. He said, “You’re right but there are other religions too such as Buddha, Muslim and more.”

“Aha! So, are you a Christian?” I asked.

He said yes and he told me the name of his religion.

I said, “I know many people who follow your religion. If I am not mistaken, you guys believe that you have to do good things to go to heaven.”

He said, “Oh, yes! You have to stay away from bad things.”

I said, “You mean sinful things?”

“Not just small sins but you know, those bad sins like murder?”

I said, “Hmm! Interesting. So, lying is not one of those bad sins?”

He chuckled and said, “Lying? Nah! Lying is not as bad as murder, you know.”

I didn’t want to argue.

I just moved on to the “bad sin” – murder. So I said, “Well, according to the Christian book, the Bible, hating a person is the same as murdering him.” (1 John 3:15)

He turned to me as if I said something that could slammed him to a pole or something.

I calmly continued, looking at him in the rear-view mirror: “And if you believe that the Bible is true, you know that you are guilty of murder. As a matter of fact, I am guilty too, am I right?”

He opened his mouth and took few seconds and said, “You’re right!”

“I think I am.”

He said, “So are you saying that no one can go to heaven?” He asked.

“You tell me! You’re the one who said you are a Christian and believe in the Bible. And I am telling you what the Bible says.” I said smiling so he wouldn’t feel offended by being called a murderer.

“Well, the way you put it seems like you didn’t believe that anyone could go to heaven?”

“Remember,” again smiling, “I am talking about the book you claim to believe. According to the Bible, every human being is a sinner. No one is righteous. Not even one.” (Romans 3:10)

“So what is your religion?” He asked.

No! This is not one of the subjects I wanna deal with at this point. So I had to divert his attention to something else. So I said, “You know, all I care is about the truth. Truth cannot be multiple but one. So I want to find the only “T” truth. People believe that all religions lead to one true God. They say Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus and the others all lead you to God. That is nothing but baloney because truth cannot be multiple but one.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” (John 14:6)

If He is the truth, I only want to know Him. If He is the Way, I want to follow Him. And according to the Bible, Jesus came and died for my sin on the cross. (Luke 19:10, 2 Corinthians 5:15) He rose from the dead and went to heaven and sat down at the right hand of God and He intercedes for me (Romans 8:34). And the Bible also says, to those who believe in Jesus, God has given them the right to be children of God (John 1:12). So I trust in Jesus. I believe in Him.

Now I don’t do good things to go to heaven; instead I do good things because I am going to heaven. I am not perfect yet though. I am married and have three kids. I am not a perfect wife to my husband but I always strive to obey my husband and submit to him so he leads me and my kids to God as the Bible says. You know the Bible says that my husband is the head of me and I his body (Ephesians 5:22-30).”

The moment I said I wanted to obey and submit to my husband so he could lead, I got his total attention and he began to talk about his wife and kids. Then I heard few stories of his life and I said, “While you drive, do you mind if I pray for you and your whole family?”

He said, “No! I don’t mind.”

I prayed for him thinking that Holy Spirit would say, “Good job my daughter!”

No! The moment the taxi pulled into my neighborhood, Holy Spirit whispered into my ears, “Ask him if he wants to invite Jesus Christ into his heart?”

I was tempted to say, “I already prayed for him.” Instead, God helped me to obey and I asked him, “Do you want to invite Jesus Christ into your heart?”

“Yes!” was his urgent and quick reply as if he was waiting for it.

I said, “Give me both of your hands.” He turned around and gave me his hands and I held both his hands and I said, “Now, repeat after me.”

That macho looking guy, a big and tall African man who looked so at peace and enjoying life, was leading a miserable life. At that faithful day, he invited Jesus Christ into his heart with fear and trembling in front of my house.


I obeyed the Holy Spirit and opened my mouth to speak about Jesus.

Will you open your mouth today and share the Gospel with someone who needs to hear it?

Who knows? The Holy Spirit is speaking to you through this post today. Will you obey?

Remember, God didn’t call us to convert anyone. He called us to share the Gospel with all people. The converting part, touching the soul of a human being part belongs to the Holy Spirit. Glorify God by leading one soul to heaven.

“- – -I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” (Luke 15:10)

At the end of our conversation with the guy, I said, calling his name, (let’s call him John), “John, I know you wanted to go home before 7pm so you would be with your wife and kids. You didn’t want to work any more hours because you’ve worked hard for the whole day but you were forced to take me by your boss. You see, I don’t believe in coincidence. I only believe in the Sovereign LORD who governs the whole universe. So, I believe that I am in your shuttle by God’s appointed time so you can hear the Gospel, the good news that Jesus Christ came to seek and save the lost, you and I, the sinners.” He was about to break down into tears but he held his tears back very well and prayed with me.

May God remember him and his whole family with His mercy and grace as we remember him today on this post. ///