Do You Go To Heaven?

When you ask someone, “If you die today, where do you go, to hell and to heaven?”

Most young people may smile at you because they think that for educated and advanced society, that kind of question is outdated!

Most professing Christians, they reply this way: “I will go to heaven!”

When you converse with them a little further, they end up saying this: “You see, as long as I’m ready by the time I die, I will go to heaven. If at the time of my death I am mad at somebody, I won’t go to heaven because the Bible says that God won’t forgive the sin of a person who doesn’t forgive the wrongs of others.”

In a way, they are saying, “At the end, at the moment of my death, it is up to me to go to heaven or not. I hope I don’t mess up at the end.”

So, what is the difference between their lives before they believed in Christ and their lives after they believed in Christ?

I am not really sure.

For me personally, my dearest, there is no last moment or any moment. My eternity is sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

What about yours? How do you know? ///