“Pushing Himself On Me”

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 50 thousand times, you are the weather man.”
Makes you smile and think twice, doesn’t it? Nobody fools you more than once unless you let them, and after you let them fool you multiple times, going around and blaming them for fooling you makes you look even more foolish than before.

Know this fact clearly: You teach others how to treat you. So, before you blame others for what they did to you, ask yourself this important question:
“Have I taught this person to treat me this way?”
If your answer is “Yes,” it is good to own up your mistake and learn first how to value yourself so you can teach others how to value and treat you.
Statements such as: “I told him that I don’t want sex before marriage but he is not listening to me and he is always pushing himself on me whenever we are alone” – tells me that this girl is not communicating with the man well, not only with her words but also with her actions.
And action speaks louder than words and most men are wired to “hear” actions, not words.
So, I always ask, “Okay, so despite what you’ve told him, he kept on pushing himself on you and you said that you didn’t like that. Then, why are you still going out with him?”
Isn’t this straightforward? Does this issue need counseling? ///