Don’t Get Married While Drunk

A4P Guest: I’m going to get married next month!
A4P: Wow! Congratulations!
A4P Guest: I’m 27 and I’m a born-again Christian. My man, the one I can’t wait to marry, is a born-again Christian too. He plays bass for our church choir. Missy, I have never seen in my life a handsome man like him. He is beautiful in and out. His biblical understanding is just amazing. I am his first and he is my first too. He is very kind and honest man.   

A4P: What is your question for me?
A4P Guest: Sorry! I guess I get very excited when I talk about him.
A4P: I see that and nothing wrong with that. It’s just that we need to use our time wisely.
A4P Guest: Yeah. Okay. So, my mom thinks that I am too emotional about him and I don’t think I am. I mean, he is 10 years older than me and I think that is okay and we’ve known each other for one full month now. We both feel like we found each other by miracle. I mean, I know that nobody is perfect but I can’t find one flaw in him that pushes me away from him and my mother thinks that that is impossible. He is my dream man and   
A4P: and what is your question for me?
A4P Guest: Do you think I am too emotional?
A4P: Too emotional? What are you talking about? Sweetheart, you are totally drunk, out of touch with reality! It is not a good idea to marry someone while you are in this state.
I’m sure you already sent out the invitation card to all your friends and relatives but it doesn’t really matter if people get disappointed but I advise that you postpone the wedding for next year. My friend, you are in a fog and you need someone to drag you out of this fog so you don’t make the one mistake that may mar the rest of your life. ///