Now I Know Why!

You know, it’s been quite some time since I started to receive questions/messages such as like this:
“Missy, I thought you were a feminist. You are not? I was surprised when I read your “sexist” kind of messages. Amazing! I was expecting much from you!”

Or, “Hi Missy, are you a feminists? I ask because I really believe that you are a feminist because you believe in equality, man and woman are equal and I believe that you can think better since you went to school.”
Now I know why people these days are asking me such a question, because there is what is called “International woman’s day” which was today.
Anybody knows when “the International man’s day” is? Because duh, equality, right?
Do you see the picture I am sharing with you with this post? I found this pic from one of my Facebook friends’ account. Do you see the message? It is mind boggling, isn’t it? 
It makes you think twice and ask like, “Is it God who said woman and man are not equal or the society itself?”
When a man walks away from his child, he earns all kinds of names for himself; when a woman walks away from her child, she is called “pro-choice.” Is this what equality looks like?
I leave that rhetorical question to you.
According to the Bible, woman and man are equal but different for the good of both genders, woman and man, for God’s eternal purpose. So, there is no “one is better than the other” or “one is lesser than the other” kind of message in the Bible.
And by the way, I AM NOT A FEMINIST! I am a daughter of God. I still believe in creation that says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” and I still enjoy when my man opens the door and pulls a chair for me. I still enjoy when he takes off my jacket and helps me to put it on and I enjoy when he takes me to romantic places of my choice. I don’t buy into messages such as: “Buy yourself a gift, don’t wait for him. Take yourself out, leave him home if he wants too.” No, my dear! I am one with my man, not two.
No, I don’t believe for a second that man and woman are the same. I believe and I agree with the message of the Bible that man and woman are created equal but they are DIFFERENT.
Yeah, let me say it again, I am not a feminist and I am not that much interested in this “woman’s day” kind of holidays unless they come up with another “man’s day” kind of holidays too just like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day because I believe in equality, both man and woman are equal.
Blessings! ///