Does Anybody Know This woman?

When she was asked by a known newscaster if she had ever entertained the idea of divorcing her husband, she replied, “Divorcing my husband? Nah! Killing him? Yes, I have!”
When many people encouraged her husband to run for president, her husband warmed up to the idea and said yes. Then this amazing woman called her husband, who at a time was running around to make sure that he got all the support he could get, and she said to him, “I don’t think the American people will vote for a divorced man!”

She meant to say: If you run for president, I will divorce you. And if I divorce you, nobody will vote for you. So, you may as well turn down the offer and be a simple man I always know.
Did he listen? Are you kidding me! He’s no fool! He did!  
Does anybody know this woman? ///