“Who Do You Think You Are?”

Phew! Did I survive yesterday’s post?
I did, praise God!
Seriously, this is not a joke! When I opened the page this morning, I was like “What in the world!”
I only posed a question, didn’t I? Why is asking a question that annoying to some people?
No clue!

But before I say any more, I want to thank, bless and appreciate those of you who have dropped your comment on yesterday’s post without mixing it with emotions and statements such as, “Who do you think you are?” Or, “Do you think God is your friend to ask like that?” Or, “Do you think you know too much for you to dare to ask that?”
Yeah, you respectful guys are one of the reasons I keep coming to this page. May God bless you!
On the other hand, some people didn’t appreciate my question at all and they decided to let me have it.
Not good!
I mean, I respect their disagreement but not their “out of control” emotion because when they think that they are defending God and His Truth, they defiled themselves as they let their emotions go out of control. That is not good!
We are called to defend our faith and our brothers and sisters in Christ, not God. God is “TOO BIG” to need our defense. He is not an idol that He needs a mere human being to defend Him.
My friends, God loves to see us wrestle with questions. He doesn’t get threatened or offended by our questions, especially questions coming from His children. He never says, “How dare you ask Me that question?”
Let me be blunt and honest with you, but respectfully.
If questions such as “Can God sin?” make you uncomfortable to the point of making you lose your cool, this page may not be a good one for you because I have lots of similar questions that I’m planning to post in the future and I really don’t want to upset you again.
How I think, process information, pose a question and wrestle with questions shouldn’t be similar with yours. We are different parts of the body of Christ, not the same. Even if it is hard to do, we all have to be willing and strive to appreciate our differences otherwise our journey together can get a bit tense.
With only one goal in mind: To know God and His Word, I’m looking forward to wrestling with more questions with you.
Have a blessed weekend! ///