If God Is Not In It

I was in New York last weekend and I had a wonderful time there. I didn’t get a chance to talk about it because of the Appeal for Purity’s 4th year Anniversary. By the way, thank you so much everybody for your anniversary greetings! Appreciate each and every one of you!
Yes, I was in New York last weekend at the Emmanuel Worship Center (EWC) and I had a wonderful time with the people of God there.

Before I tell you anything about the program though, I would like to thank some people who made my stay in New York a fruitful one.  
I first would like to thank Pastor Asechalew and the elders of the EWC for inviting me for the second time. Appreciate you all very much! May God bless you and your work!  
I also would like to thank Elsa, Pastor Asechalew’s wife, for praying for me and encouraging me even if the New York weather kind of bothered me a bit. Appreciate you, Elsyei, very much!
And I would like to thank everyone who have come out and worshiped God with us. May God bless you all!
The highlight of my stay in New York is the time I spent with the new generation, teenagers. Wow! They are amazing young men and women.
One of the mothers of these young people told me this.
So, she said to her son, “Son, Dr. Missy is here, you remember her, don’t you?”
He replied, “Oh, yes, I do remember her. She was here a couple years ago and the one thing I always remember from her speech is,” (trying to copy my style and accent, he said,) “Sex is a beautiful gift God has given to married couples.”
Wow! What more do I need? I mean, if young people remember this one thing from my talk, I think I accomplished my mission.
Yes, God created sex to be practiced inside the boundaries of marriage, marriage between one man and one woman. Outside this boundary, God is not going to be in it and if God is not in it, guess who is in it? ///