A Mother and A Father

I found this and I love it! So I thought you might enjoy reading it:
One who loves till her eyes close, is a *Mother*.
One who loves without an expression in the eyes, is a *Father*.
*A Mother introduces you to the world.
*A Father introduces the world to you
*A Mother gives you life
*A Father gives you a living
*A Mother makes sure you are not starving.
*A Father makes sure you know the value of starving

*A Mother personifies Care
*A Father personifies Responsibility
*A Mother protects you from a fall
*A Father teaches you to get up from a fall.
*A Mother teaches you walking.
*A Father teaches you walk of life
*A Mother teaches from her own experiences.
*A Father teaches you to learn from your own experiences.
*A Mother reflects Ideology
*A Father reflects Reality
*A Mother’s love is known to you since birth.
*A Father’s love is known when you become a Father.
Beautiful and very true, isn’t it? ///