True & Lasting Victory

A4P Guest: “Can you tell me how I can stop viewing porn?”
A4P: Do you want the shortest and surest way or the longest way that may not guarantee you freedom from porn?
A4P Guest: I mean, if there is shortest and surest way out of this, by all means, I will take that.

A4P: Good for you! I think anybody with the right mind would say the same. Okay, so, the shortest and surest way out of porn addiction is to fall in love with Jesus Christ, to delight in Him, to draw all your pleasures from Him alone.
“Delight yourself in the Lord;
And He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4
A4P Guest: Okay, speak to me in terms I can understand. This makes no sense to me.
A4P: Okay, I will illustrate it in ways you can understand.
Let’s say you’re married but you start flirting with your coworker and you seem to like it. Then you realize that this flirting thing is not good for you, your marriage and kids. So, you look for ways to come out of it. So, instead of spending time talking to the woman you start emotional affair with, you start spending time texting your wife.
At first, it didn’t feel right or exciting; it was actually boring. There was no excitement, “fire” to it but you kept on doing it anyways. Then instead of spending more time at your work place so you find more time to burn in lust, you start to come home early and spend time with your little ones who want you more than life itself. You play with them and you eat dinner with your wife and kids and you spend special and intimate time with your wife before bed. Then the next day, you keep on doing this. Then one day, when you were at work, your “mistress” passed you by. You immediately felt pain in your stomach and you said to yourself, “I can’t believe this! Is this the woman I was getting ready to let go of my marriage and my family for? My wife is more beautiful than her. What’s got into me?”
Nothing’s got into you. It just that your blindness has been taken away from you by the love of your wife and children and now you can see clearly what you were about to do to yourself and your whole family.
Do you understand now what I was saying when I said, fall in love with Jesus?
A4P Guest: I think I do. But just curious, what is the longest way to come out of porn addiction?
A4P: Any other way other than the shortest and surest way!
And don’t forget this: None of these ways can guarantee you of true and lasting victory. ///