What a Wonderful Opportunity!

Praise God for opening up many doors for me to go around the world to share with the people of God about the goodness of God in our sexual nature!

Doesn’t that sound a contradiction, putting God and sex together in one sentence?
Yeah, that is the kind of truth our sinful nature, Satan and this dark world don’t want us to hear.
And guess what? I will continue to talk about it so others may find freedom from the perverted and twisted sexual message of this dark world through the truth of God they hear and know (John 8:32).
So, to do just that, I am traveling to Oslo, Norway.
So, here is my quick invite for you if you live in Oslo to come and worship God with us at the Shalom Eritrean Pentecostal Church. If you don’t live in Oslo but know someone who does, invite them on my behalf.
For more info about this program, which is going to be on the first week of October, call the number you see on the flyer.
Have a blessed Wednesday! ///