Keep On, Keepin’ On!

Two weeks ago, I went to bed feeling discouraged! Then the next morning, when I opened my eyes, I didn’t feel like praying. I just closed my eyes right back again. Then I decided to reach out to my phone. I opened one of my eyes just to get to the Pandora app and pressed it and closed my eyes back again. Then guess the first song that came on?

Battles by The Afters!

I’ve heard this song many times but that morning the message of this song came very much alive; as if God was speaking directly to me.

Just listen to the lyrics:

“This current is trying to wreck me
Like castles of sand
My fear, like an enemy army
Is marching again
But I’m making a stand

You surround me on every side
Your love is my armor, I fear no evil
Darkness runs from Your light
So I won’t be afraid

You’re going before me and oceans are parting
You’re fighting my battles
When my feet are failing and my heart is shaking
You’re fighting my battles
Fighting my battles

Time after time, You’re my refuge
You heal every scar
You’re guarding my heart
Your promise, the hope that I cling to
My rescue, my friend
You come rushing in

In my weakness, You are strong
Every trouble You have overcome
You have overcome.”

Isn’t that a beautiful song?

Praise God!

My friend, your God fights for you!

Yes, when you feel like you’re losing every battle, just know that Jesus is fighting your battles!

So you have absolutely no reason to quit! No reason to give up!

Keep on keepin’ on!

“- – – weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

Why? Because we have a God who never gives up on us! He fights for us till the end! ///