One of the Signs of a Good Marriage

I said “good” because there are only good and bad marriages. There is no “a perfect marriage”. Perfect marriages only exist in the fantasy world of soon-to-be married or newly married couples.

Okay, so, one of the signs of a good marriage is this:

The wife acknowledges the little boy who lives inside her man and the husband gives recognition for the little girl who lives inside his wife.

How does that play out?

When the husband does something nice, the wife takes her whistle and blow it to show to the whole world how good and wonderful her husband is. If he loves her in the way she always wants to be loved and cherished, she picks up her megaphone and announces that her man is the BOMB!

When his wife dresses up nice, the man picks up his drum and makes a music that says something like, “How beautiful are your legs and how attractive is your waist! Stealing a look at your body makes my legs weak!”

When she cooks something good for him, her husband announces to all the men in his life that his woman is but his only dove, his ewe lamb, the perfect and unique one who has ever walked on this planet! ///

P. S. Make sure you read the above note carefully. The message is hidden behind each word.