How Big Is Your Savior?

The way we see ourselves determines how we see God and others.

Unless God helps us, we all evaluate ourselves relative to another person we consider “a big sinner” and we pat ourselves on the back and say, “I am better than that person.” And the funny part is this: We want God not to miss that piece of information about us. (Luke 18)
How foolish!
Whether we like it or not, we all are the same. We may wear different clothes and have different looks but intrinsically we all are broken people.
And until we know how wretched we are, hopelessly infected by sin from birth, we can’t know and appreciate what Jesus did for us on the cross.
Even as a follower of Jesus Christ who sits in the pew one Sunday after another, we may struggle to see Jesus as He is, a Mighty God, all powerful and all-knowing God, a Savior of sinners. Why do we struggle to see Jesus as He is? We see ourselves as little sinners or people who sin in a small way compare to others. We wear our “coverings” and hide from our true self – we cover ourselves with, “I am in church choir, I play guitar for our church choir, I’ve been following Jesus Christ since I was two, I’m a worship leader, I’m a pastor, I’m a minister, ” – the list goes on and on.
“But who can discern their own errors?” (Psalm 19:12a)
None of us, unless we’re helped by the Holy Spirit!
When the Spirit of God comes and reveals to us who we really are, we fall face down and cry, “Why did You choose to die for me, me the chief sinner of all?”
Jesus didn’t die for small sinners but for chief sinners because ONLY chief sinners need a savior like Jesus Christ.
So, how big is your Savior? ///