Find Yourself In the Winning Team

A4P Guest: I’m 21 years old and I hear some people in my church saying that it is wrong for a girl to ask a man for a date. I don’t agree with that. It might be wrong in the first century because women didn’t even have a right to make their voices heard let alone ask a man for a date; but now, in the 21st century, I think there is nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy for a date. We all are equal, aren’t we? The question shouldn’t be who ask first but whether or not we like each other.

A4P: Let me ask you one quick question: From all the romantic movies you watched so far, do you like the movie where a woman pursued a man and married him or a man who put his life on the line to pursue a woman he liked?
A4P Guest: The second one.
A4P: Yeah, movie directors are not fools! Well, recently few movies portrayed on the screen where a woman pursues a man in a seductive way and those movies are becoming very famous. Why? They are pornographic.
A4P Guest: What is your point?
A4P: Here is my point. Basic human nature, such as – the deep desire of a man to look and find his wife, and the deep desire of a woman to be found by a man, is here to stay. No amount of human advancement in technology or human brain can change this human nature. It is the honor and glory of a woman to be pursued by a man.
As a 21-year old young lady, don’t give in to this evil world system that seems to preach happiness and freedom while it throws you into despair and bondage, forcing you to put all your guards down so you show all your beautiful but hidden “curves” to all men. That is so degrading for any woman. Be wise! Wait on the Lord in a God-and-self honoring way and you will always find yourself in the winning team!
And about man and woman being equal, well, I believe in what the Bible tells me and the Bible tells me that God created both man and woman equally but differently. So, “we are different” means we have different callings, roles and natures that complement each other for the glory of God. ///
Disclaimer: The above advice is given to the person who believes in the word of God and strives to live her life according to the word of God.