Enjoying My Stay In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Before I say anything, I would like to thank and appreciate the Appeal for Purity Team for keeping the page alive and responding to hundreds of messages coming to the inbox in my absence for the last many days. May God bless you!
Going back to my main point, it is always a blessing for me to visit my parents and it is even better to visit them during holidays. I just had a wonderful Easter celebration with them last weekend; and I am still savoring every moment of my remaining stay here in Addis Ababa.

It is also a blessing for me to meet some of the Appeal for Purity’s (A4P’s) fans in person. Everywhere I go to, I at least meet three or four people.
They ask, “Aren’t you Dr. Mesekrem?”
Just imagine me saying to myself, “Guilty as charged!”
It’s fun! They all tell me how God is ministering to their hearts and minds through the message they find on this page as well as the A4P YouTube channel.
I’m humbled by every testimony people are sharing with me. May all the glory and praise be to Jesus Christ who is the Author of every good and praiseworthy gift!
Thank you everyone for making my stay here in Addis very exciting and interesting almost every day! God comforted and encouraged my heart.
I will travel back to Maryland next week but before I go back, I want to have one book signing event and one church graciously agreed to help me out.
Yes, I brought my “Fourth child” with me – my fourth child is my first book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale.” But I couldn’t bring in that many copy, only a few. So, if you want to buy a copy of my beautiful book, please stop by at the Unique 7000 Church, in the Bole Olympia area, located next to Adam’s College, behind Deluxe Furniture. I will be at this church from 1pm to 3pm (from 7 seat to 9 seat, in Ethiopian time). I also brought with me three copies of Joshua Harris’ book, “not even a hint” – to give away. This fantastic book is one of those excellent books which helped me to grasp the biblical standard of a sexually pure life. So, if you come to this event this coming Saturday and buy my book, you might be the lucky one to receive one copy of Joshua Harris’ book for free.
To learn more about this event, you can call the following two numbers: 09-11-77-03-70 (Mesfin) & 09-11-42-65-41 (Pastor Natty.
Hope to see many of you there! ///
P. S. Remember, if you live in Addis Ababa, you can’t reach me via this page inbox because I can’t be on the page for long. My parents’ home internet connection is painfully slow. I am right now at the Sheraton Hotel, just to post this. If you can come to the Unique 7000 Church on Saturday, we will meet and chat there. Bless you!