What are husbands’ privileges?

What are husbands’ privileges?


Find some of these privileges from the following three scenarios.

  1. Boyfriend: “Let’s go for dinner? May I pick you up?

Girlfriend: “Now? It is 10pm. Instead, let’s meet up tomorrow morning for breakfast or lunch.”

2, Boyfriend: “I really want to take you out to the nearest resort where we can relax and enjoy ourselves. They have a beautiful swimming pool too. You told me that you love swimming, don’t you?”

Girlfriend: “I want to save that “relax-ment” for my honeymoon. There is a beautiful public park in our neighborhood. Why don’t you come over and I will buy us “out-of-this-world” kind of ice cream. What do you say?”

3, Boyfriend: “Let’s pray and worship God together on Skype tonight. May I call you around 9?”

Girlfriend: “We just worshiped God together with other believers; why do we need another worship service at 9pm on Skype?”

I call this young girl “a Shulamite Girl!” (Song of Solomon) She knows her boundaries! When her boyfriend wants to cross the line, she doesn’t follow suit. She knows where a boyfriend game ends and a husband game starts. She doesn’t say, “But I accidentally found myself in his bed!”

Are you serious? How can the young man kiss her let alone sleep with her? Look where she makes herself available. There is no way for the young man to cross the line. Whether he wants it or not, he abides by her rules, or else, he is free to hit the road.

But that good and godly man ain’t going anywhere. He sticks with all her rules because he knows that all those treasures she is fighting to keep are going to be his soon! So, he wastes no time. He proposes and marries her and makes her his. Then all those husbands’ privileges, to see her at 10pm or 2am, with her clothes on or off, to take her to this resort or the other one, for three days or three months and more will be his because he is going to be her husband. ///