The Will of God

A4P Guest: Hi Missy! I’ve one quick question. Is it the will of God for me to stay in my marriage if my husband is abusing me?
A4P: Hmm! Tell me more.
A4P Guest: My husband is treating me like dirt. If, for example, I say to my son (we have one four year old son) “Stop your video game now and you can play with your toys,” he will say, “Shut up! What do you know about raising kids?”

A4P: That is not good.
A4P Guest: And in the bedroom, he treats me like a – – -.
A4P: Wow! This is not good at all.
A4P Guest: The other day, when I said to him, “It is not right for you to keep your contact with your ex-girlfriend,” he slabbed me and said, “You must be happy for finding someone to marry you.”
A4P: My dearest, you need to seek help. I am not sure why you’re asking me about the will of God here. Marriage is an institution, means it only exists when two of the people who agreed to establish it live. You’re dying; means there is no marriage here.
Seek help! The will of God for you is to live for the glory of God in your marriage as YOU put to death YOUR sinful desires; not as your husband puts you to death so he lives as he wants to. ///
P. S. The above post is a clip from a very long and serious marriage counseling sessions. The purpose of the post is to raise awareness in knowing the will of God in our marriages.